The Tradition of Celebrating anter Baptisms, First Communions, and Confirmations

The Tradition of Celebrating after Baptisms, First Communions, and Confirmations

The tradition for party celebrations after a Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation are all basically the same.  The Christian family wants to share with friends and family the joyous times of coming closer to Jesus Christ.  All these sacraments reaffirm faith in God and the desire to become a disciple of God.

For centuries, families have been celebrating with loved ones by sharing food, drink, and gifts.  This celebration of faith is observed after most sacraments.  Guests invited to these religious celebrations normally bring a gift for the person who was christened, received their First Communion or Confirmation. 

When planning a Christian celebration, keep in mind party favors for the Baptism, First Communion, or Confirmation.  The party favors are a way to thank friends and family for attending the religious ceremony and celebrating faith in Jesus Christ with you.  Your guests will appreciate the memento of the day, remembering the joyous occasion every time they see the religious favor.

Ideas for Christening Favors, Communion Favors, and Confirmation Favors:

  • Patron Saint Medals – These medals are a wonderful favors, especially for Baptisms and Confirmations when an infant is baptized into a life with Christ or when a Confirmation communicant chooses a saint’s name.  Give the patron saint medal with the child’s name on it as a party favor to guests and family members as a reminder of your child’s special day.


  • Cross Necklace – A simple cross is always appropriate as a religious favor.  These are available in many styles both simple and ornate and are wonderful mementos of your child’s commitment to faith.
  • Baptism Candles – These candles can be a simple tea light with a printed cross, the date of the religious event, or the child’s name on the cover.  Print stickers yourself to place ontop of the candle or order them online.


  • A Silver Dove – A silver dove medal symbolizing the Holy Spirit is a perfect Confirmation favor, Communion favor, or Baptism favor.  It is a reminder of the grace your child received on his or her special day.  Have the doves blessed by the parish priest to make the favors even more memorable for your guests.   

Whatever religious favor you choose to give to the guests at your child’s religious celebration, your guests will feel blessed just being there to welcome your child into the community of faith.
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