Baby Christening Gift

Baby Christening Gift

On the Christening day of your loving child, together with godparents, grandparents, friends, and family members, you will gather to celebrate.  The infant’s family and friends go to observe the Christening ceremony as the infant is dedicated to Jesus Christ.

Following the Christening, a traditional celebration party usually takes place.  Choosing an appropriate baby christening gift is important as a lasting remembrance for the newly Christened child of God.

Baby Christening Gift Ideas:

  • The Christian Life Medal – This medal is the ideal gift for a baby christening gift.  It displays the cross with the symbols of the dove of the Holy Spirit, the Paschal Lamb, the Eucharist, and the pouring of baptismal water. This striking medal in 14k gold or sterling silver gives a lifetime of inspiration to a christened infant.


  • Scallop Shell with Cross – This genuine sterling silver necklace is a precious baby dedication gift.  It has a unique scallop shell design with a cross in bas relief.  The necklace can be worn by the christened child throughout the years, reminding the new member of Christ’s family of the special person who gave the christening necklace.  
  • Infant Jesus Pendant – This 14k gold pendant of the infant Jesus is perfect to give as an infant christening present.  It features Baby Jesus in the center and around the edges, the words:  Infant Jesus Have Mercy on Us.  This pendant bestows upon the precious, new child of God, a timeless keepsake of his or her Christening ceremony.  


  • Mother Mary with Christ Child Medal – This gold or sterling silver medal depicting Mary holding Baby Jesus is a classic Christening gift.  It is gorgeous design is timeless and meaningful.  Most Mother Mary medals can be engraved with a blessing, the date of the Christening, or the name of the infant for a more personal gift.
  • Four Leaf Clover Cross – This baby Christening gift offers the christened infant good luck in the future.  It is available in gold or silver in a stunning style of clovers at each point of the cross.  This cross can also be engraved with a favorite motto, the name of the child, or the date of the Christening. 


These are just a few of the many Baby Christening gifts available in religious specialty stores.  Choose a lasting remembrance for the precious child in your life, welcoming him or her into a life with Jesus.

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