Baptism Gifts for Boys


Baptism Gifts for Boys

Your baby boy is about to enter the peace and joy of the kingdom of God by receiving the grace of the Holy Spirit through Baptism.  It is a glorious event for the little boy, the parents, the godparents, and the friends and relatives who attend the Baptism ceremony.

Not only does the baptized boy receive the gift of grace at the Baptism, but he will receive christening presents from guests, as well.  The Baptism gifts for boys are traditionally religious in nature and make wonderful remembrances of the joyous day.

Ideas for Baptism Gifts for a Boy:

  • Baby Badge with Medal – Baby badges are not only for babies.  These are perfect for the shirt collar or lapel of a boy’s blazer or shirt.  They can also be engraved with the date of the Baptism, the boy’s name, or a personal message.  The badges are available in both gold and silver and varying styles.  Choose an appropriate badge and add a medal of a little boy praying, a patron saint, or the dove of the Holy Spirit.  This Baptism gift for a boy is a remembrance that will last a lifetime.


  • Sports Medals – Sports medals are very popular boy’s Baptism gifts.  Whether the special boy is a sports fan or the parents have a favorite sport they hope their little son will be interested in, these saint sports medals are appropriate.  They are usually available in sterling silver and come with a chain.  A sterling silver sports medal necklace is a beautiful remembrance of the boy’s commitment to a life with Christ, making it an ideal godson christening present.
  • Patron Saint Medals – Patron saint medals are a classic when it comes to Baptism gifts for boys.  The medals are spectacular in either silver or gold and display a picture of the patron saint on the front.  Choose a medal that can be engraved, adding a personal message on the back for a thoughtful remembrance of the boy’s Baptism ceremony.


  • Praying Hands with Serenity Prayer – This is a gift that will be a reminder of the commitment made to Christ on the boy’s Baptism day.  It displays the praying hands on the front and has the Serenity Prayer etched on the back on a striking 14K gold medal.  Every boy would love to have this as a lasting memory of his promise to live a Christian life, and as inspiration and help along the way.

Serenity prayer
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.


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