Eucharist Gift

Eucharist Gift

Holy Eucharist is one of the seven sacraments of the Roman Catholic faith, celebrated at every Holy Mass.  The Roman Catholic faith is considered the Latin rite to distinguish it from the Eastern rite.  The differences between the two rites are Confirmation and Holy Eucharist in the Eastern rite is administered at Baptism, while Catholic Church administers these two sacraments only when an age of reason is present.  Celibacy of priests is required in the Catholic faith and is not required in the Eastern rite, and Catholic bishops are appointed by the pope while Eastern churches elect the bishops. 

The history of the Roman Catholic Eucharist dates back to the Lord’s Last Supper.  At table on this occasion, in the presence of the twelve apostles, Jesus Christ established the ritual of changing ordinary bread and wine in to his actual body and blood.  He instructed the apostles to continue to do likewise in memory of him, and to spread the ritual to the ends of the earth as part of the Good News of salvation.  The celebration of Holy Mass evolved around the ritual of Holy Eucharist coupled with prayers, professions of faith, and scriptural readings.  The Roman Catholic Mass has to include the rite of consecration of the bread and wine, otherwise it is not a valid Holy Mass.  This consecration ritual, which is a re-enactment of the Last Supper instructions from Jesus Christ, came to be called transubstantiation sometime in the eleventh or twelfth century.  Roman Catholics believe the consecrated host is actual substance of the body and blood of Jesus, whereas other faiths believe it is a symbol but not the reality. 

Given the simultaneous solemnity/joyfulness of the Holy Eucharist gift from Jesus, what might be appropriate Eucharistic gifts to a Roman Catholic?  A heart shaped Jesus cross pendant in 14 ct gold or in sterling silver is a nice choice.  The medal can be as large as 1” and can be engraved for that personal touch.  A wedding Mass, a funeral Mass, an anniversary Mass to name a few where you may want to give a remembrance of the Eucharist gift but not necessarily the occasion of the day.


A monstrance is a vessel that holds a consecrated host, often referred to as The Blessed Sacrament, for public worship such as benediction or adoration.  The design of a monstrance is often ornate and finely detailed, in keeping with its very important role.  A monstrance medal is usually larger than most other medals.  They are available in either 14k gold or sterling silver and can be engraved.  This makes a great Eucharistic gift to commemorate that special Holy Mass, and can be worn as daily jewelry or cherished as a remembrance.

There are several medals in religious stores that are specific to Holy Communion.  There is a sterling silver medal that can be engraved and also a 14k yellow gold Communion medal.  These are made to wear on a chain or can be kept as a remembrance of a particular Eucharistic celebration.    

Take advantage of the wide variety of choices in Catholic Eucharistic gifts and select just that perfect one for gifting.

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