History of Baptism

The History of Baptism

The first time Baptism is mentioned in the New Testament is when Jesus baptizes his cousin, John the Baptist.  This baptismal ceremony was done in the Jordan River with Jesus fully immersing John into the water.  The reason for this Baptism was for John to cleanse himself from sins, asking for forgiveness.  This idea of repentance grows to be the foundation of baptizing Christians.

Later, the roles are reversed and John, Jesus’ cousin, baptizes Jesus in the Jordan River which is the start of Jesus’ mission of spreading the word of Christian love.  Jesus’ Baptism is also an introduction to the Holy Spirit as it descends upon Jesus in the form of fire and God the Father as He announces Jesus as His beloved Son.  God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are lather known as the Holy Trinity.

There are many references to Baptism in the Bible which varying groups have interpreted in different ways, even to present day.  The basic tenets remain the same, however.  In Matthew 28: 18- 28:20 “Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them…” and in John 3:1-3 “… no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit,” it can be seen that Christians believe Baptism is needed for  eternal life with God.

The apostles went out and baptized as Jesus instructed, revealing Him as “ the way, the truth, and the light.”  They asked their followers to repent and baptized them in Jesus’ name.  The early Christians viewed Baptism as a new way to reach salvation through Jesus Christ.

Through the next 2000 years, the meaning of Baptism has changed depending upon the different sects of Christianity, but all are fundamentally the same.  Baptism is a way for Christians to identify the day they were brought into the light of Christ.  It is the day an infant, a child, or an adult is reborn without sin, renouncing Satan, and becoming a child of the Holy Spirit.

Baptism is an occasion to celebrate with friends and relatives, inviting them to join in the joy of repentance and purity.  It is a day for gift giving for lasting remembrances of becoming one with Christ.  Traditional gifts for Baptism are often made of gold or silver.  These baptismal gifts can be in the form of medals, rosaries, crosses, and baby badges.

Ideas for Religious Baptism Gifts:

  • Rosary Beads – a gorgeous rosary is the gold over sterling silver, mother of pearl rosary beads.  These prayer beads are ideal as Baptism gifts for godparents or for adult Christians who have been baptized.
  • Baby Badges - These baby badges are perfect as presents for Baptisms.  They are available in both silver and gold and have a small ring hook at the base for hanging a matching medal.  These baby badges are come in a variety of styles from baby shoes, guardian angel, and crosses.  A really adorable baby badge Baptism gift is a pair of silver baby shoes with a Holy Spirit medal attached.    
  • Crosses – One of the favored crosses for a Baptism gift is the Holy Family:  Jesus, Mary, and Joseph cross.  This cross can be engraved with the name of person who was baptized and the date of the Baptism, or a line from Holy Scripture for a really personal touch. 


Receiving Baptism presents is a wonderful way to welcome a new member of the Christian faith and a lasting remembrance to them of the day they were reborn with Jesus Christ.


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