Catholic Wedding Gift

Catholic Wedding Gift

You know the couple quite well.  You have the wedding invitation in hand.  You have reserved the date in your personal calendar.  You have pretty much planned what you will wear.  Now what is next to be done in preparation for a wedding?  Selection of the Catholic wedding gift, of course.  Here are some ideas.

Every marriage, whether new or established, relies upon hope.  Hope for a loving successful marriage, hope for a life of commitment to each other, hope in times of difficulty and stress.  How about a & hers matching set of Our Lady of Hope medals in either gold or sterling silver?  This particular medal is a substantial size at 1” and best of all can be engraved, probably by name and wedding date.  Whether worn each day, or on special occasions such as wedding anniversary, birth of a child, Baptism of a child or whether put aside as a personal keepsake, these medals will be much appreciated by the newlyweds.

There are two other medals that are similar to the above and would be equally fitting as his & hers wedding gifts.  Our Lady of Good Counsel   Pray for Us and Our Lady of Peace   Pray for Us can also both be engraved with a special message to the couple wishing them happiness in the their lives together.

A cut glass blessing bowl makes a unique gift and a perfect religious wedding gift.  The bowl usually comes in a packet that includes parchment scrolls and a matching number of colored silk ribbons.  You write your message, blessing, fond remembrance, best wishes, etc. on a scroll, tie it with ribbon and place in the bowl.  You or perhaps the wedding party invites others to do likewise and then the cut glass bowl filled with the scrolls is presented to the couple.

Lastly, in the subject of religious wedding gifts, there are a number of appropriate wall hangings available.  One the most popular is a ceramic wall hanging with words from I Corinthians, which may have been read at the wedding.  Either way, this is widely known and quoted:  Love is patient, Love is kind, Love never fails.

Help the newlywed get off to the right start with a religious wedding gift that will last a lifetime.  The gift will remind them of their union before God, joining them in faith and hope for a future filled with happiness.

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