Catholic Memorial Gifts

Catholic Memorial Gifts

Many times, the best way to console a person grieving from the loss of a loved one is to remind them of the salvation that awaits everyone who is a follower of Jesus.  Comfort them with prayers and remembrances of the person they miss so much.

Giving a thoughtful Catholic memorial gift is often comforting, offering hope that they will see their loved one in Heaven.  A wonderful Catholic memorial gift is the Our Lady of Consolation medal which can be personalized with a comforting prayer a heart felt message to the grieving person, or with the name of the person who has passed away.  The words on the front of the medal read:  Our Lady of Consolation, Comfort Us.  What better way to show the heart broken person that you care when the right words are so hard to find.

Another medal that is a comforting memorial gift is the Recovery medal which has the inspiring words:  One day at a time, To thine own self be true.  These medals are usually available in gold or silver and offer hope and inspiration to those who wear it.  Give a Catholic memorial prayer card, imprinted with the name of the person who has passed on as an added memorial gift. 

A white or yellow gold cross pendant engraved with the name of the deceased friend or family member is a lasting memorial that a loved one can wear every day.  The engraved cross will be a source of comfort and hope that one day they will be with their loved one in paradise.  They will always be thankful to you for the comfort your gift has given them. 

A unique Catholic memorial present is the Holy Spirit Prayer Ring.  This has the words:  Come Holy Spirit etched on the ring as a constant reminder that the grace of the Holy Spirit is always there to comfort, give hope, and strengthen all those who ask.  It is a timeless gift that will be appreciated forever. 

Angels have always been thought of in the Catholic faith as our protectors, guiding mankind and watching over us.  A guardian angel lapel pin is an ideal memorial gift for someone who needs help getting through a difficult time.  The angel can be worn on a jacket, dress, blouse, or suit collar.  It is a reminder of the dear one who is now gone, but is with God. 

Any of these gift will bring comfort to someone who is hurting; someone who needs hope and strength to get through a tough time.  The memorial gift will be a remembrance of a loved one who has gone on to eternity with Jesus.

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