Catholic Easter Traditions and Gifts

Catholic Easter Traditions and Gifts

Easter is the most joyous day of the Catholic calendar.  It is the culmination of Jesus’ reason for being and living among mankind.  It is the ultimate day of celebration of His divinity, rising from the dead and ascending into Heaven.  Easter is a time to reveal the love of Jesus to the world and celebrate with family and friends the love and forgiveness of God.

Easter Facts:

Jesus returns to his disciples after His Resurrection even though they denied and abandoned Him during His interrogation and crucifixion by the Romans.  Jesus does not punish the apostles or blame them, but forgives them and loves them.  Jesus not only forgives the disciples that he lived with for three years, but forgives mankind.

Through this forgiveness, Jesus transforms the image of God as a dominant, violent, and vengeful God into a loving, forgiving, and peaceful God.  Easter is the day Christ rises from the dead to give man the gift of everlasting life with Him in paradise.

Catholics celebrate the joy of Easter by attending Mass, joining the Christian family in praise and glory of God.  After the celebration of the Mass, most Catholic families return home to an Easter brunch or dinner.  Many give Catholic Easter gifts as symbols of Christ’s joy that can be felt throughout the year.

Ideas for Religious Easter Gifts:

  • The Christ is Risen Cross – This is an ideal Easter gift.  This gold or silver medal can be engraved with a personal message, prayer, or name of a special person.  It depicts Jesus ascending into Heaven with the cross in the background.  This cross is a reminder throughout the year of the joy and peace of Christ. 


  • Engraved Cross Pendant – Engrave this cross with a joyful Easter message.  This cross does not display the suffering of Jesus, rather a stunning etched design which depicts the glory of Christ.  This is a stunning religious Easter gift that signifies the risen Lord.
  • St. Peter the Apostle Medal – The St. Peter medal is a fitting Christian Easter gift that can be personalized with a favorite prayer or name.  It displays St. Peter with his hands folded in prayer.  Following the Resurrection, Jesus appeared to the apostles and St. Peter tells Jesus that he loves him three times.  St. Peter’s words are a reminder to all Christians to profess their faith to God. 


These are just a few of the many religious Easter gifts available.  They are a symbol of Easter joy and peace throughout the year.
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