Catholic Decon Gifts

Catholic Deacon Gifts

A Catholic deacon is an ordained minister, just as is a priest or a bishop.  So what is the role of a deacon, just as there is a difference in the role of a bishop compared to the role of a priest?  The deacon role is actually defined in the New Testament book Act of the Apostles.  Apparently early on in the newly established Catholic Church, there was dispute, arguments and tensions between the Greeks and the Aramaeans concerning the equitable distribution of food and goods among the faithful.  When the discord became known to the apostles, they told the Christian faithful, both Greeks and the Aramaeans, that it was not right for them to get involved in such matters as waiting on tables because their mission was to spread the word of God.  The apostles told the community to select seven men of demonstrated spiritual faith and of sound judgment.  The apostles then laid hands upon these seven men designating them to be the “helpers” of the Christian church.  Over the centuries this arrangement worked more or less.  Unrest surfaced when the Christian community thought the role had evolved too much toward the assistance at Mass and the Holy Eucharist, and not enough emphasis on ministry of the word and not enough assisting the needy.  The role of the Catholic deacon was basically abandoned sometime in the Middle Ages and was only again put in use around the time of VaticanII.

Appropriate Catholic Deacon Gifts: 

  • Saint Stephen, the first Christian martyr, is the patron saint of the permanent diaconate.  A 14 ct yellow gold medal of St. Stephen in vestments makes a very nice gift.  This stunning gold medal can be engraved on the reverse to make it special to the deacon.  This same medal is available in sterling silver and both the gold medal and the silver medal can be engraved on the reverse side.


  • A simple cross with a stole draped right to left over the center is the accepted symbol of the deacon.  A lapel pin in 14 ct gold is available in yellow gold with a white gold stole.  The image can also be found on sterling silver deacon cross pendants.
  • Another unique deacon gift would be a travel case with the oils that are used in Sacramental rites.  A typical case contains “oil of the infirm”, “oil of catechchumens”, and “holy chrism oil” .  Such a case is a basic need of the deacon and will be a great gift indeed!!


There is a wide variety of appropriate Catholic deacon gifts, one to fit every personality and every ministerial style.

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