Catholic Confirmation Gift & Presents

Catholic confirmation gift & presents

There are a number of Catholic Confirmation gift ideas in the market place and we will take a look at several as a guide. An understanding or reminder of the rituals and appropriate traditions of celebration may spark some of your ideas.

The sacrament of Catholic Confirmation is similar to the Jewish bar-mitzvah in that it recognizes the individual as an adult member with knowledge of the faith, and more importantly, recognizes the individual has every preparation needed to become a defender of the faith.
The symbol of the cross is the most powerful of all the Catholic symbols and will be proudly worn by a defender of the faith, new or experienced. A 14 ct gold medal with the simple cross in the middle and Confirmation in caps along the lower perimeter makes a great Confirmation present.

Part of the ritual of Catholic Confirmation is when each candidate has the laying on of the priest's hands and a blessing. According to scripture the Holy Spirit bestows seven gifts, and Catholic tradition holds this is the moment the individual receives those gifts. Now obviously the individual cannot send a thank you card, but a Confirmation medal naming the seven gifts of The Holy Spirit with the word on the upper perimeter and the dove symbol will be a constant reminder of the powerful Confirmation gifts received on that day.

Engraved Catholic Confirmation gifts are always appropriate. Catholic tradition holds that the Confirmation saint name chosen should be either a saint admired on historical basis, or a saint the individual wants to emulate for the remainder of earthly life.

A popular male saint chosen is St. Peter, and the medal comes in either 14ct gold or sterling silver. The detail is exceptional, the perimeter inscription is easy to read and the 22mm size gives plenty of room to be nicely personalized and engraved, the perfect gift for a Catholic Confirmation.

The greatest of all Catholic saints and a widely popular Confirmation name is Saint Mary, Mother of Jesus. This example has a plea to St. Mary around the outer perimeter and a facial image of St. Mary in center of the medal. This medal can be engraved on its 24 mm reverse side to make a great Confirmation present.

There is a huge selection of saints' medals in several metals such as gold, gold plated, pewter, silver, sterling silver and porcelain. The larger sized can be engraved, and the one thing the medals share in common is any one makes a great Catholic Confirmation gift.

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