Catholic Communion Gift & Presents

Catholic Communion Gift & Presents

The Roman Catholic faith believes in transubstantiation, which is the miracle of the real body and blood of Jesus after the bread and wine are consecrated by an ordained priest during the celebration of Holy Mass. Indeed, Catholics believe this transubstantiation is the greatest communion gift of all. To better understand this concept, think of a large blue SUV or maybe a small red compact car. There are certain aspects the human senses can perceive but these are not the total item. The blue color or the red color can be seen, but do not make it a vehicle. The size does not make it a vehicle. The characteristics or features that can be perceived do not make it a vehicle. Likewise the substance of Jesus cannot actually be perceived by the senses, which still see a wafer, and the Catholic faith holds that once consecrated, that bread wafer is actually the Body of Christ and the wine is the Blood of Christ.
Gifts for first Holy Communion (Eucharist is one of the Catholic seven sacraments) are always appropriate. The First Holy Communion 5 way cross is available in sterling silver or the more elegant 14k gold. This is a large medal at over 1" and best of all it has plenty of room for personalized engraving.
An excellent First Communion gift for boys is a gift set containing black bead Communion rosary, a Communion pin, scapular, a keepsake box, and a Communion remembrance Mass book. One of the most popular Catholic first Holy Communion gifts is the First Communion rosary and keepsake box. The rosary is black bead Communion rosary and the box is extra special in solid brass and genuine pewter with First Holy Communion inscribed on the hinged top.
There are some particularly nice First Communion gifts for young girls. One is a gold heart shaped locket. It has intricate scroll work and a cross in the center. Every little girl would love one of these lockets as a timeless treasure.
A sterling silver cross charm bracelet is a special Communion present. As the child grows, more charms can be added to the bracelet. There are Nativity charms, cross charms, saint charms, and a special charm for just about any religious event in the child's life.
The First Holy Communion is a Catholic's very special day and means so much in the continuing development of individual faith. There are a multitude of gift items from the very reverent to the very informal and casual. Choose from the many options that will be just right for Holy Communion gifts from you and just right for the child receiving the Catholic Sacrament.
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