Catholic Christmas Gifts

Catholic Christmas Gifts

For Catholic, the Christmas season begins with Advent.  Advent is celebrated during the four weeks before Christmas day.  The Advent wreath consists of four candles, three purple and one pink.  During the Catholic Mass, one candle is lit each week before Christmas until all the candles are lit on the Sunday before Christmas.  The Advent Wreath is a symbol of preparation for the coming of Jesus.  It is a way to prepare, anticipate, and pray for the arrival of God’s Son.

A Jesse Tree is usually set up in the sanctuary and is decorated with hand made ornaments.  Some churches put the name of gifts on the ornaments and the parishioners take an ornament and buy the gift listed.  The gifts are then distributed to the needy people in the area.

Most Churches celebrate a midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, singing carols and lighting candles during the celebration of the Mass.  On the altar, a Nativity scene is set up and blessed.  The scripture reading detailing the birth of Christ is read as the gospel during Mass.  After Mass, families return home to celebrate with Christmas Dinner and gift giving.

To keep the Christmas spirit alive, think of giving a gift that depicts the true meaning of Christmas, a gift that will keep Christmas in the heart for the entire year. 

Catholic Christmas Gift Ideas: 

  • Nativity Charm Bracelet – This charm bracelet is a stunning gift that can be worn throughout the year, carrying the message of Christmas to all who see it.  It displays the charms of Baby Jesus in the Manger, an Angel, the Magi, Camels, Mary and Joseph, Shepherds, Lambs, Donkey, Oxen, and the Innkeeper.  What better Catholic Christmas gift could there be? 


  • Holy Family Medal – The Holy Family medal makes a wonderful Christmas gift.  It displays Jesus, Mary, and Joseph on a silver or gold medal.  This can be worn throughout the year as an inspiration for the person who receives it and for others who see it.  The medal symbolizes the love and togetherness of family.
  • Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Cross – The Holy Family is displayed on this cross which can be worn as a necklace throughout the year.  Have the cross blessed by the parish priest before giving as a Christmas gift as a truly spiritual gift for the true meaning of Christmas. 


Help take the consumerism out of Christmas, spreading the love of Jesus with inspirational religious gifts this Christmas.  Forget the trendy video games, HD TV’s, and designer clothes that go out of style.  Give a Christmas gift that will last a lifetime, spreading the Good News of Christ.
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