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Have you wondered about or talked with others about Catholic charismatic gifts and come away more confused than when you started?  You are not alone, there is an abundance of words and testimony concerning this subject, much misinformation, and for the most part there is very little agreement or common ground, even among Catholics in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic church.   As with any attempt to gain clarity, a reliable source to establish a baseline is needed, then the agree and disagree can begin.

Here is a direct quote from Vatican II:
“Vatican II, Lumen gentium 12 said of the extraordinary gifts: ". . . they are not to be rashly sought, nor should one presumptuously expect of them the fruits of the apostolic works; but the judgment as to whether or not they are genuine, and as to their ordered use pertains to those who are in charge in the Church . . . ." When these gifts are used with careful discernment of spirits and obedience, they are "fitting and useful for the needs of the Church".

Lofty language that says in plain English one does not seek or call out for the charismatic gifts, do not presume the gifts to be of the same nature as the ministries, groups, priests and bishops do every day, whether the charismatic gift is genuine is a judgment for priests and bishops to decide, and if the charismatic gift(s) are to be believed it should only take place after much thought and prayer.

Now take a look at the commonly accepted nine Catholic charismatic gifts: faith, expression of knowledge, expression of wisdom, miracles, speaking in tongues, the interpretation of tongues, prophecy, discernment of spirits, and healing.

A note of caution that although there appears to be some overlap, charismatic gifts should never be mistaken or interchangeable with the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit conferred at the Sacrament of Confirmation.  The two are totally separate in the Catholic faith.

What would you give as a gift to a Catholic person that has strong opinions about charismatic gifts, either for or against?  Jesus promised his church that he would send The Holy Spirit to help and to guide God’s church and its faithful.

A 14 ct gold medal reminding of the seven gifts of The Holy Spirit every Catholic received at the Sacrament of Confirmation would be most fitting.  This medal also is available in sterling silver and can be engraved.  A perfect reminder piece to use these gifts in the discernment process concerning charismatic gifts.


A Holy Spirit cross makes a nice gift.  Many are available in two tones of 14 ct gold.  A less detailed Holy Spirit cross is also available.  This design is available in 14 ct gold and likewise will be an appreciated gift.  It is a reminder to pray to the Holy Spirit which is conferred at the Sacrament of Confirmation which makes them wonderful charismatic gifts.


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