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Looking for that just perfect Catholic baby gift?  Let’s look at some examples of what is readily available.  How about a small, unobtrusive crucifix for the baby’s bedroom.  These give the comfort that the very most important Catholic image is present with the child in the room, but does not dominate or overpower the room.  Most crucifixes are available in 14 ct yellow gold for a stunning keepsake and family heirloom.

Perhaps you want a Christian cross rather than a crucifix.
These are also available in 14k yellow gold or 14kt white gold.  The cross can be engraved, so it makes a perfect personalized baby gift from the proud godparent or the proud aunt or uncle.  Some crosses have an ultramodern look with the clean uncluttered appearance for the contemporary home.  These timeless crosses will become a personal engraved keepsake over the years as the baby matures to childhood. 

Rosary beads are a perfect gift for a youngster.  Most rosary beads display the Mother Mary in the center and the beads are available in purple, blue or a deep green as well as several other choices.  Beads in bright sparkling colors are quite attractive and make a fun invitation to prayer on a regular basis.  These are inspirational Catholic gifts for children up to the teen years.

Looking for Catholic children’s gifts that are a bit out of the ordinary stream of gifting?  There is available a guardian angel night light perfect for a child’s bedroom or hallway.  The figurine is a good sized angel with prominent wings holding its hands in a protective posture.  At the guardian angel’s feet kneel two small children facing outward from the angel.  The light in the background is positioned to shine brightest directly behind the heads of the children, which also softly lights the lower part of the angel.

Along the same line of a religious night light as a Catholic gift for children is The Good Shepherd.  This has a young bearded handsome Jesus standing in a green field with six romping children arrayed around him.  Put in a place where a young child can see this light will provide many hours of peaceful thoughts of Jesus as a protector and a friend.  More than likely the child will make this a personal keepsake for many years long after a night light is no longer needed.  There are also Good Shepherd medals that can be engraved with a personal message or the child’s name for a wonderful gift. 

There are many choices, many colors and many styles of Catholic children’s gifts, so have some fun selecting the gift that seems just right for you and for the child.


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