Catechism Gifts

Catechism Gifts

The Catholic catechism has been used through the years to instruct Catholics on the laws and principles of the Roman Catholic Church.  The catechism is divided into four sections which include:  The Creed, also known as the Profession of Faith, the Celebration of the Christian Mystery, Liturgy and Sacraments, the Life of Christ and the Ten Commandments, and instruction on Christian Prayer.  The CCC, as the catechism is referred to, is a guideline for practicing Catholics on how to live their lives in the faith of Jesus and how to instruct their children in following the Catholic Church. 

In order to get children more interested in learning the Catholic catechism, try giving an appropriate gift as they learn each section.  One idea for a catechism gift when finishing the first section of the catechism, The Profession of Faith, is a Faith, Hope, and Charity charm.  This depicts the very basis of the Catholic faith in a gold or silver medal.  It displays the cross of faith, the anchor of hope, and the heart of charity. 

The second section of the catechism, The Celebration of the Christian Mystery, instructs on the mystery and faith in the Holy Trinity and the liturgy of the Church.  There are many possibilities for catechism gifts which are appropriate for this section of the CCC.  A few examples are the Blessed Trinity medal which can be engraved with a personal message, or a Trinity Cross pendant which depicts the God the Father, Jesus on the Cross, and the Holy Spirit about the head of Jesus.  This is a gorgeous gift for any Catholic. 

Upon completion of the third section of the catechism, The Life of Christ, including the Ten Commandments, give a medal depicting the head of Christ with the Crown of Thorns with a cross for the background.  This is an inspirational and moving gift for anyone learning about the life of Christ and the great sacrifice He made for mankind. 

The final section of the Catholic catechism, Christian Prayer, has many options available for gifts.  There are hundreds of Catholic prayer cards available in religious shops, and many prayer books include prayers that a person can recite on a daily basis or prayers for certain situations in which someone needs help.  Another catechism gift idea is a set of rosary beads in silver and gold with pearl beads.  These would make a stunning gift for the huge accomplishment of finishing the Catholic catechism.  The rosary beads are an ideal way to perform Christian prayer every day. 

The Catholic catechism teaches the way to a Christian life, and answering the call of God.  It is an indispensable resource for all Catholics who want to understand their faith and the Sacred Scriptures.  A catechism gift is a reminder of the way to faith in Jesus and the word of God.

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