The Godchild, the Godparents, and the Ceremony

The Godchild, the Godparents, and the Ceremony

During the sacrament of Baptism, God erases original sin from the godchild and any punishment that may be causes by that sin.  The godchild receives the gift of life with Jesus Christ.  The godchild has to work at keeping this gift of salvation by living a Christian life, growing in grace and love.  The baptized child is accepted into the faith of Christ and the Christian community, becoming a child of God.

The godparent’s responsibility is to help their godchild grow in spiritual faith.  The godparents make a promise to give their godchild the good example of lives lead in the Christian faith, following the message of Jesus.  If for some reason, the parents of the christened child do not provide the spiritual guidance the child needs, the godparents must step in and make sure the godchild receives instruction in prayer and living a life of faith.

At the start of the Christening ceremony, the celebrant asks, “What is the name of your child?  What do you ask of God’s Church?  The parents and godparents respond, “Faith”.  The celebrant then claims the child for Jesus by making the sign of the cross on the infant’s forehead, lips, and breast.  The celebrant baptizes the baby with water at the Baptismal font and anoints the baby with oil.  The godmother places a white garment on her godchild symbolizing a new life in Christ.  The godfather lights the baptismal candle and the child receives the Light of Christ.

After the christening, it is time for family and friends to gather together to celebrate the joyous occasion.  Traditionally, the parents arrange a get together with food and gift giving.  The parents of the child, who was baptized give gifts to the godparents and the godparents, give a gift to their godchild.  Godchild gifts are religiously oriented, for the most part.  Religious gift shops carry a wide range of religious christening gifts to fit into any budget.

Godchild Gift Ideas:

  • Scallop Shell with Dove Necklace – This is a magnificent godchild gift.  The sterling silver scallop shell is the background for the dove of the Holy Spirit as it descends with the grace of God.  This is the ideal godchild christening gift, depicting the Baptism in the name of the Holy Spirit.


  • An Angel Charm – One of the most popular godchild christening presents is the guardian angel charm.  There is a wide array of angels to choose from in both sterling silver and gold.  This would be the perfect first charm for a godchild’s charm bracelet, asking for protection from a Holy Guardian Angel.


  • St. Christopher Medal – Help protect your godchild with a St. Christopher medal.  They are available in gold, silver, and pewter for a dazzling religious piece of jewelry.  There are many styles and variations of St. Christopher, but he is always a protector.


There are many more gifts available for godchildren than what is mentioned here.  Patron saint medals and wall crosses are ideal christening gifts and many of them can be engraved with a special message for your precious godchild.


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