Role of Catholic Godparents

The Role of Catholic Godparents
The role of Catholic godparents is to do everything in their power to assist the baptized person maintain faith in Jesus and ultimately live with God in heaven throughout eternity.  Godparents should be practicing Catholics, living Christian lives, and following the word of God.  Being sponsors at a Baptism is an important commitment to both the parents and the child being christened to assist the child spiritually.

During the Baptism, the godparents are asked several questions and must make declarations for the godchild:  That they turn to Christ, that they repent of their sins, and that they renounce evil.  They are also asked three questions which confirm their faith in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
Traditionally, the parents of the child being baptized give a gift of thanks to the godparents.  Normally, the gifts for godparents are religious in nature.  All religious gift stores carry godparent gifts, some of which can be engraved for a more personal touch.  The godparent’s gifts should be a reminder of their commitment to helping their godchild live a life of faith in Jesus.

Ideas for Godmother Gifts:

A stunning godmother gift is gold over sterling rosary with mother of pearl beads.  This is not only practical for prayer and meditation, but it is also a gorgeous gift.  There are many styles of rosaries, from crystal beads to silver beads.  Choose the one that best suits the personality of your child’s godmother.

Another ideal godmother gift is the Our Lady of Good Counsel medal which can be engraved with the godmother’s name and the date of the Baptism.  It is usually available in sterling silver or gold and comes with a chain.  This medal displays Mother Mary with Jesus and typically represents Mary as a wise counselor and teacher.

Ideas for Godfather Gifts:

A striking godfather gift is the gold, two tone crucifix ring which displays Jesus on the cross.  It is a conversation piece that reflects true faith in Jesus Christ.  What better gift to give the godfather of your child? 

A Saint Joseph lapel pin is another thoughtful godfather gift.  It is available in 14k gold and depicts St. Joseph holding Baby Jesus.  St. Joseph spent his life following the word of God, protecting Jesus throughout childhood.  This is a fitting gift for your child’s godfather.  


Hopefully, this helped with choosing appropriate godparents gifts.  They play a very important role in your child’s christening, being an inspiration through their example of life in the Catholic faith. 

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