Personalized Christening Gifts

Personalized Christening Gifts

A baby’s Christening is a time of joy and celebration in the love of Jesus.  It is a time to pray with family and friends, making a lifelong commitment of faith for the newly baptized infant.  When the christening ceremony is completed, all those who were at the church to share in the blessings, usually attend a celebration by the parents of the child.

It is traditional to bring a gift for the Baptized child.  Personalized christening gifts are a wonderful choice.  They can be engraved with a prayer, the date of the christening, or the baby’s name.  Custom engraving transforms a medal, cross, or ring into a unique christening gift.

Ideas for Unique Personalized Christening Gifts:

  • St. Brigid of Ireland Medal – This medal can be engraved with a special message, the name of the child or the date of the Baptism.  St. Brigid is the patron saint of newborns which makes this medal such an ideal choice for an infant’s christening present.  For an unusual touch, add a prayer card with the old Irish Blessing:  "A new born Babe brings Light to the cottage, Warmth to the heart, And Joy to the soul.  For wealth is family, Family is wealth".


  • Baby Badge – The baby badge is one of the most unique christening presents.  It can be custom engraved for a personal, warm touch and a separate medal is chosen to attach to the badge.  A very popular choice is an engraved baby badge with a guardian angel medal which can also be engraved with a separate message.  It is an ideal personalized christening gift.  
  • Baptism Medal – The Baptism medal is available in sterling silver or gold.  It displays the word Baptism on the medal with the cross and the Holy Spirit.  Custom engrave the medal with a personal message for the special baby being baptized for a lifelong remembrance of Christening Day. 


  • Christ Head Medallion – This is a truly gorgeous christening gift that will become a family heirloom.  Custom engrave the sterling silver or 14k gold medallion with the family name of the child being Baptized and the date of the ceremony.  This personally engraved medallion is a keepsake that will be passed down from generation to generation, proudly representing the family’s faith in Jesus. 

Any of these personalized Christening gifts are a reminder to all the faithful of the promise of belief in Jesus Christ and living Christian life. 

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