Boys Christening Gifts

Boys Christening Gifts

A boy’s Christening is a very important spiritual encounter with God.  It is the first time in his life that he commits himself to life with Jesus, asking for forgiveness and for the grace of the Holy Spirit.  Much of the time, infants are christened when only a few months old, but an older boy actually understands the promise of faith he is making.

Sometimes it is easier to choose christening gifts for boys because they have already developed interests, maybe they have a favorite saint, or a favorite prayer.  If the special boy in your life has a favorite sport, the sports medals available in religious stores make a practical, timeless christening gift for a boy.  There is a wide variety of sports medals, including:  basketball, soccer, hockey, baseball, football, golf, and even archery, to name a few.  These medals are usually available in gold or silver with a chain.

For all the boys who are animal lovers, the Saint Francis of Assisi makes the perfect Christening present for boys.  A St. Francis prayer and blessing is recited by a priest when the Church is having a Bless Your Pet Day.  St. Francis is the patron St. of pets.  Include a St. Francis prayer for the newly christened boy, so he can recite the prayer for his own pet.

A unique godson baptism gift for a boy is a cross necklace he can wear close to his heart throughout his life.  Have the cross blessed by a priest before giving to your godson, for a truly spiritual gift.  Every time the christened boy looks at the cross, he will be reminded of his promise to Jesus and how very thoughtful his godparent was to give him such a wonderful christening gift.

The guardian angel lapel pin is always an appropriate christening present for boys.  He can wear it with both casual clothing, pinned to a t-shirt or with a suit coat, pinned on the lapel.  His parents will appreciate such a loving gift, protecting their son from harm as he goes about his day.  Every little boy could use the help of his guardian angel as he rides his bike, climbs a tree, plays football, or goes for a swim. 

Other christening gifts ideas for boys are:  a wall cross that he can hang in his room, a personalized frame with his name and the date of his Baptism, a statue, or medal of his patron saint, or a plaque with his favorite prayer engraved on it. 

Whatever gift you choose for the new member of the Christian faith, he will thank you for just being there to share in the joy of his Baptism.

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