Catholic Baptism Gifts for Babies

Catholic Christening Gifts for Babies
A baby’s Christening or Baptism is a very joyful, religious sacrament enjoyed by the entire family.  It is the infant’s first initiation into the Catholic faith, becoming a rightful member of the parish community.  Most new parents treasure remembrances of their baby’s Baptism, so it is a perfect opportunity to give a Christening gift to the infant.  As the infant becomes older, these special Baptismal gifts will help the child realize how important the Sacrament of Baptism is and appreciate all the people who cared enough to give such lasting, blessed infant Baptism gifts.  
There are many types of Catholic baby Baptism gifts available.  Traditional Christening gifts are made of silver, and gold:

  • A sterling silver necklace with a scallop shell, displaying the dove of the Holy Spirit is a gorgeous baby Baptism gift.  The delicate image of the dove, symbolizes the grace of the Holy Spirit descending upon the newly baptized infant. 
  • A custom engraved Baptism gift for baby is an ideal way to add a little something extra to the gift, transforming it into a personal, loving remembrance.  Personalize a sterling silver or gold necklace with the baby’s name and date of the Christening or with the words, “I Love Jesus”.  This elegant, engraved necklace, displaying an etched cross will be worn proudly throughout the years as the special child grows to adulthood.

Another sample of very popular Catholic baby Baptism gifts is the guardian angel.  The guardian angel is a perfect symbol of protection for a precious, newly Baptized infant. 

  • Guardian Angel baby badges in sterling silver or gold are unique, baby Baptism gifts.  Holy Guardian Angels offer protection for the Baptized child throughout his or her life.  The baby badge also has a small ring at the bottom to insert a holy medal of your choice.  The medals appropriate for a Baptism are the dove of the Holy Spirit, a silver cross, a baby girl praying, or a baby boy praying. 
  • Custom engraved baby badges make everlasting keepsakes for infant Baptism gifts, also.  Personalize the badge with the child’s name and date of the Baptism and hang a Guardian Angel medal onto the badge.  Insert a copy of the timeless Guardian Angel Prayer for the parents or Godparents to teach the Christened child:  Angel of God, My Guardian Dear, to whom God's love commits me here.  Ever this day be at my side to light and guard and rule and guide.  Amen.      

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